I’m Moving (to my own domain)!!

Hey everyone!  As you can see, this webpage has been drastically changed.  The reason for this is that I am moving to my own website now!  Due to technical difficulties, I have to let this blog go.  I am going to repost my previous two posts onto my new blog to get started, however I am keeping this blog just in case I want to re-read some of my old posts.  Please make sure to follow me on my new blog (of the same name) and watch out for new posts coming soon!



Best Planner for College: The Erin Condren Life Planner


If you haven’t heard of the Erin Condren Life Planner yet, then you’re in the position I was about two months ago.  After searching endlessly for a new planner for my upcoming spring semester, I stumbled upon many lists saying the ECLP was one of their favorite planners to use for everything from home, blogging, and school.  Because of the $50-$65 price tag, I was incredibly skeptical.  I typically only paid about $20 for my previous planners (that I never used) and was reluctant to pay double for something I may not end up using.  Alas, I took the plunge and received my planner in the mail a week and a half later.


I was ecstatic when I received my ECLP in the mail.  It was perfectly packed wrapped in tissue paper in an adorable, colorful box (that I am keeping for future use).  Each cover is interchangeable if you can’t decide what cover you want, however I chose the one that I loved the most: a cover that says, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart,” and is accened with light blue dots (you can chose to customize the color when you order).  Due to wanting to use the planner to plan my finals during my fall 2015 semester, I had chosen my planner to include December of 2015 and continue for all of 2016. This added just a little bit more thickness to my planner, but I didn’t mind.  It’s about 1″ thick, which is big but not too big. The reason for the thickness is because the pages are heavier than usual and the ECLP comes with a couple extra items hidden in the back (scroll down for explination and photos).

Each ECLP opens with a title page, a long-term calendar, and an area to write yearly or monthly goals, or whatever you want!  I do not have a photo of these sections due to them being quite a mess (I’m working on fixing some mistakes I made right after I received my planner).  Following these pages, however, is where the monthly tabs start.  Opening the planner to the pages right before each monthly tab are two pages: one lined and one unlined.  I use these for whatever I feel like will be more important to remember for the month.


I used these pages to color code books I want to buy #englishmajor
I used my Lily Pulitzer sticky notes to write out assignment grade weights.
Here I wrote all the information from my classes and where to park.


By pulling up the monthly tabs, the planner opens up to a view of the entire month.  I color code all my tasks so I can see, from a glance, when each major assignment is due for each of my classes, what days I exercise or rest, appointments, etc.  I use washi tape to then block out days I don’t have class or my breaks and to block out days from other months to make more space for notes.


My spread for February.
My May spread showing my last days of classes and summer break.


I took time considering how I wanted to use my planner.  The ECLP comes in three versions: vertical (Each day with three spaces to do with whatever you want), horizontal (the way my previous planners have all been laid out), and the brand new hourly version.  As a college student, I like to see how my day is laid out, so I ended up purchasing the hourly version so I could make time blocks for my classes, organization meetings, and other events I have going on.  Furthermore, I use the little notes section on the left side as an area to write all my homework assignments.


This week’s class schedule, notes, when I want to blog, etc.  I use the planner’s ruler as a bookmark.


There’s a tab in the back labeled “Misc.”  This includes pages sectioned off for notes.  I haven’t exactly figured out what I want to use these for yet, but I did manage to use a couple of these to plan out what classes I need to take for the rest of my time in college.  This is how I found out I can easily fit in a history minor with my book arts minor and creative writing major.


You can really see my child-like handwriting here.


The last few pages include four sheets of different colored stickers, two of which are labeled with things like “Birthday!” or “Vacation!” or “doc appt.” The other two pages of stickers are blank.


The birthday stickers and one “Vote!” sticker since 2016 is the US presidential election year.
The blank stickers.


Finally, there’s a double-sided paper keeper, a perpetual calendar book, and a plastic pouch (holding the free stickers I recieved when I ordered my planner).  I probably won’t use the perpetual calendar much, but I did go ahead and write birthdays and major assignments in it.


This planner is not for everyone.  I like having all the space to write, block out times, etc, but some may not like all the bells and whistles that the ECLP comes with.  It does add a little weight in my backpack, but that doesn’t bother me.  I also love how colorful the planner is and how much space I have to add washi tape and stickers.  This planner has really brought out my inner child!  I would seriously reccomend this planner in the hourly version to all busy college students (if you can afford it). I was never an organized person, but the ECLP has really helped me become that person.

I use a variety of accessories with this planner and I will include those in another post.  If you like what you see, you can use my refferal link HERE for $10 off your entire order!  It may not seem like much, but it totally softens the punch to your wallet.


Me circa my 4th birthday.  My love for paper products and accessories started at a young age.





Spring Semester 2016

Ah yes, my very last Sophomore semester!  I can feel the sweetness in the air despite the winter chill passing over the midwest right now.  I’m incredibly happy with my choices in professors and classes right now, although I say that every semester.  I’m currently taking Human Origins and Prehistory (Anth-A 103) with Mullins, First Year Spanish I (Span-S 131) with Garringer, Letterpress Typography (Her-G 208) with Baldner, and Writing Fiction (Eng-W 301) with Layden.

Currently, A103 satisfies half my general education (GenEd) science credit, which means I’m just about 12 credits away from completing all my GenEd classes!  Because of spending so much time planning my next couple of years as an undergrad, how many credits I need to graduate (120) how many I’ve taken + in the process of taking (67), and how many credits I have left (53), I’ve calculated that I have room to include one more minor!  I’m not sure if I had posted this yet, but I am in the process of completing a book arts minor.  Due to having about 11 credits left over from GenEd classes, required LibArts classes, my major classes, and my book arts minor classes, I decided to complete a history minor!  Yeah, you can tell I don’t know what in the hell I want to do with my life.

Due to missing assignments in the past and always trying to remember dates and things without writing them down, I purchased my very first Erin Condren Life Planner in the new hourly edition to help with my class schedule!  This thing has helped me so much already.  It’s by far the best planner I’ve ever used and I finally see myself continuing to use it in the future.  I will be writing a review about my ECLP soon!

Furthermore, if the roads stay unfrozen and are travelable on Tuesday (Jan 19) I am going to pick up a friend and drive to Butler University to see Bad Feminist author Roxanne Gay speak at the Schrott Center!  Okay, so I haven’t read her book yet, but I have to read a short story she wrote for my W301 class and I really can’t pass up going to watch a feminist author speak.  I will also be writing a blog post about this event also.

Other than some of these key points, my life has been incredibly uneventful.  The first week of school after winter break is super unimpressive, so hopefully these next couple weeks become more interesting!

As always,




Catching Up

Image of a sideview car mirror from the inside, car is in motion, another car can be seen in the mirror, the words catching up are printed on the image

It’s been a rough year.

After moving away from home for my first year of college, life turned to chaos.  Partying was a constant way of life, which resulted in one failed class and constant late nights.  It wasn’t good.  Once my first year of classes ended, I lost all my friends.  Everyone who I had become friends with in my building was gone.  And I don’t mean they just went home for the summer, I mean everyone I cared about vanished from my life.  My two best friends disappeared and I haven’t talked to them since.  One went home and, from what I can tell, isn’t going to my university anymore, while the other one moved in with her boyfriend and he came between us.  I lived in the building for part of the semester, hanging out with two girls: one who I had been friends with at the beginning of the year and another who was, for lack of a better word, a raging bitch.  After one particular fight with RB (who was also my former roommate) I was done.  I moved out of the building and back in with my parents.

Since moving back in with my parents, I have come out of a rather mild state of depression and have reconnected with three people who make my life so much better: my friend Jacqui, Upasana, and Crystal.  I have also welcomed some new, wonderful, great friends into my life also, two of whom are my wonderful friends Erin and Rachel.  Everyone who caused me trouble at The Mansion has been removed from most of my social media accounts and life is great again.

At the beginning of the semester, I started writing for The Odyssey, an online college magazine that just began a chapter at IUPUI. However, I recently quit writing for them due to not having enough time to craft good articles for publication.  Yes, I know, so what’s so different about writing for a blog?  I feel more free.  For one, I can cuss like a literary sailor as much as I want in my own blog.  Two, I can write a much more vast array of topics that I didn’t feel comfortable posting about with The Odyssey.  Three, I don’t have an EIC (Editor-in-chief) or ME (Managing editor) to report to or worry about when I don’t turn something in on time because I’ve spent my time studying instead.  Four, it just wasn’t the fun experience I expected.

I’m currently nearing this semester’s finals.  I’ve been lucky to have some great professors this semester (despite some minor drawbacks with one professor’s health) that make me want to work harder than I ever have.  If any of my small amount of readers are curious, I’m currently taking Screenwriting, Women and Literature, American History I, and Literary Editing and Publishing.  They’re all super fun.

I’m going to start updating this again.  I actually want to start updating this again.  I don’t know what kinds of posts I will end up including, but I will find my niche as I go.  In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.




Capturing a New Minor (and Other Classes)


It’s my third week of school now. I’m currently sitting in my film photography class listening to music while some of my class develops their film they didn’t get to last week.  I already did mine last week and I didn’t realize the thrill that it brought me to see my film developed after spending a half an hour pouring chemicals into my developing tank and shaking it so much that my arms were tired.  Today, or tonight (technically) I get to actually get a good look at my film and decide which photos to print.

For this class I am using a Canon AE-1 camera with a 50mm lens.  It’s my grandfather’s old camera that he gave me a few years ago and it’s just been sitting in my closet at home for about four or five years.  I’m really excited to finally be able to use it and learn how to work in a darkroom!

After taking this class, I have decided I am going to minor in photography.  I previously had other plans, however once I learned we have a photo minor at IUPUI I quickly changed my mind.  Being abel to study two of my favorite passions (Creative writing and photography) is my dream.

Speaking of creative writing, I had that class earlier today.  It is taught by y new-found favorite (English) professor H. Haas.  She’s wonderful and I love her fiction writing class I’m taking right now.  I just finished my first story for the class and turned it in Monday.  However, today I got feedback from my assigned class group about my paper.  My four co-students told me they loved my short story.  I would tell you about it, but it would ruin the surprise!  I’m planning on posting the story either here soon or at the end of the semester.  I’m not really sure yet considering I might use it for some scholarships and I would hate for them to refuse it due to publishing it on my blog and thinking it’s not actually mine.

Poetry (my literature class) is pretty fun.  It’s hard, though.  It’s not really what I thought.  I’m not good at poetry, so this is…interesting.  I will update further later.

ASL is really fun, too, but kinda hard with my MC.  But I’m getting through it one sign at a time and I’m getting pretty good at it!  Plus I love my professor.  He’s really funny =]

Off topic of school, my life at the mansion is going well.  We had a birthday party for my friend *Mocha Megan.  That was pretty fun and I didn’t throw up that night for once (you know why).  It was pretty chill and I really got closer with a few of the other girls I wash’t really, really good friends with.  Lots of girl bonding that night.

Monday was my best friend Alondra’s birthday.  As a birthday present, *White Megan and I scrounged up some change and bought Alondra one of her favorite foods: 9 McChickens.  Yeah, we might have gone a little overboard, but our intentions were good.

Anyway, off to look at film.



*Two of my friends are named Megan and this is how we distinguish them from one another.

Central State Mansion: Central State Hospital for the Insane Administration Building Redone

Of course, you all know that I now live in the old Central State Asylum administration building.  Since I have seen a lot of articles about the redevelopment of the property, yet not the (nearly) finished product, I wanted to show some of my own photos!  The only reason I say it is nearly finished is because the basement is not finished, but near completion (I’m moving into a room down there once the room gets the furniture put in).

For some information about the redevelopment process, you can visit this article from IBJ, part one and part two from Historic Indianapolis, and this article from Urban Indy.

There you go!  Some new photos of Central State.  I do have to say most of these are from August and I just got around to editing them last night, hence the green grass in the last photo.




It has been…too long.  I know I said I would keep this up during school, but I kinda forgot about it.  The only reason I’m writing this new entry is because my first official semester of college ended.  Crazy, right?  Well, crazy to me, at least.

This semester has been the worst I’ll probably ever have.  I had to take Finite math and, not being good at math, I damn near, or did, fail the class.  Not sure yet since I just took the final.  I also failed my intro to religions class that was part of my TLC (I didn’t chose to take this class.  I was forced to).  I did pretty well in my communications class (also part of my TLC) and I did very well in my professional writing class!  Of course I would do well in those two.

My classes next semester will be pretty fun!  I’m taking a first-semester American Sign Language, a film photography class, Introduction to Poetry literature class, and Introduction to Fiction Writing.  I’m pretty sure I can ace all those classes with no problem.

So, how has this semester been other than school?

Well, living away from home has done me well.  The Mansion has been amazing and I have met some of my best friends, and future roommates, here.  Honestly, after the whole Eva thing, I really wasn’t expecting to make friends this quick.  Yet, living with a bunch of strangers really has its advantages.  We’ve all grown so accustomed to living with each other and seeing each other every day that even over fall break my friends, Alondra and Megan G., and I kept in contact almost every day to keep from going crazy.

Anyway, I’m ready for a break and to party it up here a little bit before I head home for a couple days for Xmas.