Capturing a New Minor (and Other Classes)


It’s my third week of school now. I’m currently sitting in my film photography class listening to music while some of my class develops their film they didn’t get to last week.  I already did mine last week and I didn’t realize the thrill that it brought me to see my film developed after spending a half an hour pouring chemicals into my developing tank and shaking it so much that my arms were tired.  Today, or tonight (technically) I get to actually get a good look at my film and decide which photos to print.

For this class I am using a Canon AE-1 camera with a 50mm lens.  It’s my grandfather’s old camera that he gave me a few years ago and it’s just been sitting in my closet at home for about four or five years.  I’m really excited to finally be able to use it and learn how to work in a darkroom!

After taking this class, I have decided I am going to minor in photography.  I previously had other plans, however once I learned we have a photo minor at IUPUI I quickly changed my mind.  Being abel to study two of my favorite passions (Creative writing and photography) is my dream.

Speaking of creative writing, I had that class earlier today.  It is taught by y new-found favorite (English) professor H. Haas.  She’s wonderful and I love her fiction writing class I’m taking right now.  I just finished my first story for the class and turned it in Monday.  However, today I got feedback from my assigned class group about my paper.  My four co-students told me they loved my short story.  I would tell you about it, but it would ruin the surprise!  I’m planning on posting the story either here soon or at the end of the semester.  I’m not really sure yet considering I might use it for some scholarships and I would hate for them to refuse it due to publishing it on my blog and thinking it’s not actually mine.

Poetry (my literature class) is pretty fun.  It’s hard, though.  It’s not really what I thought.  I’m not good at poetry, so this is…interesting.  I will update further later.

ASL is really fun, too, but kinda hard with my MC.  But I’m getting through it one sign at a time and I’m getting pretty good at it!  Plus I love my professor.  He’s really funny =]

Off topic of school, my life at the mansion is going well.  We had a birthday party for my friend *Mocha Megan.  That was pretty fun and I didn’t throw up that night for once (you know why).  It was pretty chill and I really got closer with a few of the other girls I wash’t really, really good friends with.  Lots of girl bonding that night.

Monday was my best friend Alondra’s birthday.  As a birthday present, *White Megan and I scrounged up some change and bought Alondra one of her favorite foods: 9 McChickens.  Yeah, we might have gone a little overboard, but our intentions were good.

Anyway, off to look at film.



*Two of my friends are named Megan and this is how we distinguish them from one another.

Central State Mansion: Central State Hospital for the Insane Administration Building Redone

Of course, you all know that I now live in the old Central State Asylum administration building.  Since I have seen a lot of articles about the redevelopment of the property, yet not the (nearly) finished product, I wanted to show some of my own photos!  The only reason I say it is nearly finished is because the basement is not finished, but near completion (I’m moving into a room down there once the room gets the furniture put in).

For some information about the redevelopment process, you can visit this article from IBJ, part one and part two from Historic Indianapolis, and this article from Urban Indy.

There you go!  Some new photos of Central State.  I do have to say most of these are from August and I just got around to editing them last night, hence the green grass in the last photo.




It has been…too long.  I know I said I would keep this up during school, but I kinda forgot about it.  The only reason I’m writing this new entry is because my first official semester of college ended.  Crazy, right?  Well, crazy to me, at least.

This semester has been the worst I’ll probably ever have.  I had to take Finite math and, not being good at math, I damn near, or did, fail the class.  Not sure yet since I just took the final.  I also failed my intro to religions class that was part of my TLC (I didn’t chose to take this class.  I was forced to).  I did pretty well in my communications class (also part of my TLC) and I did very well in my professional writing class!  Of course I would do well in those two.

My classes next semester will be pretty fun!  I’m taking a first-semester American Sign Language, a film photography class, Introduction to Poetry literature class, and Introduction to Fiction Writing.  I’m pretty sure I can ace all those classes with no problem.

So, how has this semester been other than school?

Well, living away from home has done me well.  The Mansion has been amazing and I have met some of my best friends, and future roommates, here.  Honestly, after the whole Eva thing, I really wasn’t expecting to make friends this quick.  Yet, living with a bunch of strangers really has its advantages.  We’ve all grown so accustomed to living with each other and seeing each other every day that even over fall break my friends, Alondra and Megan G., and I kept in contact almost every day to keep from going crazy.

Anyway, I’m ready for a break and to party it up here a little bit before I head home for a couple days for Xmas.



It’s Been a While, Huh?

Elevation - Central State Mansion

Apologies for not posting for…I don’t even remember when my last post was!  May, I think?

Well, after coming back from Europe I had to prepare to go to student orientation at IUPUI.  It was much more fun than I had expected!  I finally got to see the new(ish) Tower dorms, also, which was pretty nice.  However, at that point I was still going to live at home because every other option was WAY too expensive.  Then, after the overnight stay, I went home and had a band practice.

Fast forward through a couple weeks, I ended up receiving an e-mail from the Liberal Arts department saying I qualified for the Liberal Arts Honors Program.  How exciting!  As of right now I’m still waiting for a response back to see if I actually made it into the program, but I have no doubt that I have made it into the program.

So, fast forwarding a little bit more to last week, this is what I feel to be my most exciting news:  I’m moving out.  Yes, I am moving away from home to go to IUPUI!  Last week I was looking at the off-campus housing on IUPUI’s housing website when I came across Central State Mansion.  The prices listed for the rent ere $350 – $450.  Of course, I became very excited.  Cheap rent near campus?  What?!?!  I then began researching this little gem and found that the listing was brand new, the housing was brand new, and, my favorite part, it’s located on the old Central State Hospital for the Insane property!  I may have slightly freaked out since I’ve had a fascination with Central State for a long time.

After checking out the website and a craigslist ad posted about the property I sent my information to Reverie Estates (the owners of the mansion) and began researching Central State Mansion a little bit more.  I found a couple articles on a website called Historical Indiana about the renovation process of the old Central State administration building, which is now converted into student dorms called, you guessed it, Central State Mansion.

So, once I heard back from Reverie, I set up a tour of the housing for the following day.  I had high expectations for the mansion and, despite the property still being renovated, my expectations were exceeded.  I was amazed at how beautiful the property was, as well as how nice the rooms were.  I was even surprised how much of the original wood and tile they were able to save.  Absolutely beautiful!!  I wish I would have taken photos, but I will have some soon enough to share with you all since I’m moving into a triple room (with private bathroom) on the third floor August 2nd!  I’m already in the process of buying all the things I need for the dorm since I’m a slightly tight schedule to buy everything.  So far I think I have all the little rather inexpensive things (cutlery, cleaning supplies, under bed storage), but I have yet to buy a mini-fridge, seating, curtains, etc etc.  But I’m waiting a little on a couple of those so I can see how much room I will have in the dorm, as well as what my roommates will bring.

Anyway, I’m totally excited!  I promise I will keep up with the blog over school, also.  Promise!!



Jet Lag

Bonjour!  I am finally back after not posting in, oh, two weeks or so?  Sorry ’bout that.  I really had no time to post while I was on vacation.

Vacation!  Paris for five days and Germany for 9.  It was amazing, fun, and super tiring.  I was incredibly bitchy on the trip for no reason, too.  I tried to control it, but I have no idea what got into me.  But overall, the trip was fantastic!  We’re all suffering from major jet lag, which sucks even worse for my grandfather who knocked off one of his side-view mirrors on his car while driving back to his home three hours away the night we got back home after an 8-hour plane ride, 1-hour plane ride, multiple hour layovers, etc.  He always refuses to stay at our house (even though we have plenty of room for him).  Mental note for everyone traveling long distances: don’t drive three hours to get home if you have a nice place to stay.

Also, while I was in Paris I learned I managed to get all As this semester at IUPUI!  I was so excited!  And, when I was checking the mail yesterday, I noticed I had received a letter from Teen Ink, a magazine/website specifically for teenage artists, writers, photographers, etc. that I had subscribed to in 2011 and had been a constant user of the website up till about roughly a year ago.  It said that in addition to being published in their October 2013 issue (Whaaaat?!), I had also been selected as the winner of their annual magazine cover art contest!  I thought it was a scam until I checked the website and saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 2.49.37 PM

Wait, is that…

Please excuse my hideously large photography name at the bottom.

Please excuse my hideously large photography name at the bottom.

It is!  Not only had my photo of an ex-friend riding her horse at a horse show been published, but it had also been used as the COVER PHOTO OF THE OCTOBER 2013 ISSUE!  I had no idea!  I had lost the information to access the e-mail I used for my Teen Ink account, as well as lost the password for my Teen ink account, so this was a total surprise!  I also do remember submitting a photo for the cover contest, but I can’t for the life of me remember what I submitted.  So, I e-mailed the editor and expressed my surprise and thank-you’s to them before asking what photo I had submitted, as well as how I can acquire the October issue and the next issue my photo will be featured on.

Anyway, I thought I would start off with this little “intro” post before I go crazy posting things about Paris, Germany, food, hotels, etc.  I have LOTS to write about and many photos to share!

If you have time, I would love you you all to view some of these photos on my Facebook photography page!





Finals and Trip Prep

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted in about two or three weeks.  I had a ten page paper to write (and an in-class presentation to give on this paper), speech to give, final speech exam, two mini papers to write for speech class, an art project for woman’s studies, and a photography project for woman’s studies.  I don’t know what my overall grades re for the classes, but I assume I’ll have an A in WOST 105 (which I have worked very hard for due to starting the semester with an F and only having a C after midterms!), either an A or a high B for folklore, and a B- for speech. I’m pretty happy with my grades!  Plus, I have all my classes chosen for next semester!  And now, summer break!

I’ve also had to begin shopping and preparing for our Europe trip, which we leave for in three days.  I’m super excited and just finished packing (since I know what I won’t wear this weekend).  I wish I would have taken photos of everything while I was packing, but I guess I will when we get to Paris!  However, I know I packed:

  • Two pairs of jeans
  • One pair of leggings (I will wear my other pair on the plane)
  • One pair of yoga pants
  • Two pairs of shorts, one jean and one sport shorts
  • Five long-sleeve shirts (I will wear a 6th on the plane since it’s a cardigan)
  • Five (or six?) t-shirts/tank tops (I will a 6/7th on the plane)
  • Three camis
  • Many pairs of socks
  • Many pairs of underwear
  • Two sports bras
  • Two bandaus
  • One bra (The other I wear wear on the plane)
  • One pair of flip flops
  • One pair of black low-top Converse

Yeah, a lot of stuff (plus other things like shampoo makeup, etc.) to be able to shove into a bag the size of a carry-on!  However, it will be checked due to me having my camera backpack as my carry-on, as well as a purse.

I’ll take a photo later, also, and show you what I have in my backpack.



The Flowers and the Bees

I apologize for not posting.  Finals have me all tapped out with writing juice.  I did take a few photos of the blooming trees in our garden this weekend, though!

All photos have my photography name on them for safety.

DSC_0017 copy copy

DSC_0018 copy



DSC_0029 copy copy

I’ll try to have a couple more posts up this week and next week.  I’m going to post my newest hairstyle (I did ombre!) and some travel updates (three weeks exactly from today, baby!).  I’m going to try to document everything from what I pack to everything I do and everywhere I go on the trip.